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This is a Label Free Zone

Kingsport Boudoir Photography

I can’t tell you how often I receive boudoir photography inquiries from women asking if I shoot plus size women! At first my inner response was something along the lines of: “Duh! Have you looked at my portfolio?!! Of course I shoot plus size women!”

But the more I contemplated this question and the frequency that I receive it, I came to realize something. My website really does have a variety of women on it. There are students and doctors, daughters and mothers and grandmothers, wives and the happily single. There are women whose shoes cost more than the entire session and women who scrimped and saved and sent me payments as they could. And yes, there are women of all sizes including plus size women.

I now take it as a compliment, both to my skills and to the beauty of each of my clients, that none of them stand out as “plus size.” Boudoir photography should be about who each woman is as an individual, everything about her that is unique. It should be a celebration of who she is, not a comparison to what society says she should be. To apply labels is to overlook or discount the very things that make her special!

I think this boudoir shoot I did with Ms. A is a perfect example of that! She chose outfits that reflect her style and that she felt confident in. She also wasn’t afraid to show off those curves!

So, set aside those labels that society tries to pin on us. Instead, be happy, be healthy, and be YOU!