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What Should I Wear for my Boudoir Photography Session?

One of the most common questions that I get asked by women is “what should I wear for my boudoir photography session?”  In a typical 2 hour session, we’ll use about 5 outfits.  For some women, that’s no problem.  If you’re a lingerie person, you probably already have a ton of it and are just looking for an excuse to buy more.  Not all of us have a lot of lingerie though.  Maybe you’re a busy mom and just don’t have time for fussing with matching bra and panty sets, let alone corsets and garters.  Maybe you’re just more of the boy shorts and t-shirt type.  For me, it’s my husband who just doesn’t really see the need for lingerie.  When we were on our honeymoon, I put on one of the outfits I had bought thinking to wow him.  He admired it very briefly, then said “let’s get this off you, it looks uncomfortable.”  Suffice it to say, I don’t buy much lingerie these days!  🙂

No matter which end of the lingerie spectrum you’re at, it’s easier than you might think to come up with 5 outfits.  I would start with 2 matching bra and panty sets.  These are good because no matter what, they’ll be useful after the shoot is over.  Did you know you’re supposed to replace bras every six months for maximum support?  Hmmm, maybe I should finally retire those ancient ones I have in my drawer for just in case moments….  Then, if you want to up your lingerie game, I would recommend something sexier like a corset or bustier, paired with stockings.  This is a classic look and tends to look good on all body types.  If you need some inspiration, there are several links to both online and local resources for lingerie on my information page.

You can also take it in a completely different direction and go with the boy shorts and t-shirt that I mentioned earlier.  For him, the way you look when you wake up on a lazy Sunday morning might be his favorite look of all.  Don’t be afraid to pull on those socks and grab one of his t-shirts for one of your outfits.  It can also be fun to incorporate something else that he enjoys, like his favorite sports team or hobby.  Baseball caps and jerseys are always popular.  Remember that you don’t necessarily have to wear it; it can also be a flirty way to cover boobies, etc. without actually being naked.  The same thing goes with props.  Baseball bats, hockey sticks, guns, teddy bears, whisky bottles, flags, saddles, motorcycles and cars; if you can think of it, we can use it!  You can also use something from his or your occupation.  I’ve had clients use uniforms, lab coats and stethoscopes, architectural plans and hard hats, hand cuffs, and of course the popular dress shirt and tie.  You can also do “naked” shots for one of your outfits.  For those, we usually do implied nudity where you use a sheet to reveal only what you want seen.  Remember our goal is to keep it artistic and tasteful, but within those guidelines, it’s up to you how daring you want to be.

So, when it comes to deciding what should you wear for your boudoir photography session, tailor it to who you are.  Not everything has to be traditional.  This is the time to let loose, have fun, and experiment with what makes you feel your sexiest and most confident, because nothing is sexier than a confident woman!

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