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Ms. M’s East Tennessee Wedding Boudoir Shoot

I love my job and enjoy each and every boudoir photography shoot that I do. Chatting with my clients during a session, drawing them out and getting to know them, watching their confidence grow and blossom before my eyes, all while satisfying my creative drive, well that’s pretty darn special to me. But every now and then a shoot comes along where everything just clicks (pun just a happy coincidence!), the stars align and the creative energy is perfect, and what is normally a great experience gets taken to a whole other level. A recent boudoir photography shoot I did with Ms. M was one of those for me. M comes from a very creative family who are all involved in the arts. Her heart called her down a very different path, but I think it’s obvious from the images that she definitely has her family’s talent! One of the very cool things about boudoir photography is that no matter how unglamorous your daily life might be, whether it’s a job where you where a uniform or never get to dress up, kids and family that are always your focus and priority, or just that same old day-to-day routine you’ve fallen into, you get to take a day just for you and actually celebrate your sexy side. It’s amazing what a little “me” time can do, even if you’re doing the shoot to give as a gift!

Ms. M is getting married and did the boudoir session as a gift for her future husband. I think he’s going to be blown away, don’t you? 🙂 Thank you, Ms. M for a fantastic boudoir shoot and permission to share the images! I wish you best of luck with the wedding! I’d also like to thank Ashley Massengill from Head Turners Salon for do an excellent job with the hair and makeup as always!

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