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Alyssa’s Rogersville Boudoir Photography Session

Alyssa moved to North Carolina from her native Hawaii, and as I was shooting her boudoir photography session, I couldn’t help but think of sandy beaches and sunshine right here.  She just has that vibe!  Like a lot of the women I shoot, she was doing the session for her boyfriend who is in the military.  I know I’ve said it before, but boudoir photography makes a great gift!  And here’s the reason why:  you’ll totally blow his mind but YOU’LL get way more out it than he will.  The boost to your self esteem and confidence, the celebration of yourself as sexy, this is the gift you’re giving yourself at the same time.  Talk about win-win!


Boudoir photograph of woman on bed with pearls and lace bustier

boudoir photograph of woman in black teddy on red antique sofa

One of the things that struck me as I was shooting was how different Alyssa looks from different angles.  I think it’s one of the very cool things about boudoir photography, all the different angles we get to explore.  Most of us see ourselves from the same angle most of the time, pretty much straight on in the mirror, which is usually one of the least flattering angles to photograph from.  But in a boudoir photography session, we approach it from all different angles and heights, allowing us to find the absolute best angles to show off amazing cheek bones, a gorgeous mouth, beautiful eyes, the curve of your back, etc.

Relaxed photograph of woman laying on her stomach on bed

Boudoir photo of woman sitting on bed looking over her shoulder at camera

boudoir photo of woman with satin sheets and leopard print blanket shot from above

Don’t be afraid to wear garters without stockings. As you can see, sometimes it can be a fun, flirty look!

woman shot from behind in white teddy holding garter straps in her hands

black and white boudoir photo of woman silhouetted in bright window

black and white boudoir photo of woman in stockings laying on bed

We also did a few bondage inspired images 😉

bondage boudoir photo of blindfolded woman on bed

close up of woman's derriere with garters and stockings

woman straddles chair wearing stockings and high heels

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