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Rachel’s Rogersville Boudoir Session

This is turning into the summer of the brunette!  So many beautiful women are absolutely rocking their darker hair color!  For her boudoir session, Rachel had these really cool streaks of color in hers.  They were subtle enough that you didn’t see them at first glance.  Then she’d move and the light would catch her hair and you’d see bursts of red or green or blue.  Hmmm, I’m a brunette and my husband is always wanting me to play with my hair color.  Idea?  Am I brave enough?  We’ll see!  But first, the beautiful Rachel.  I’m absolutely in love with these first two images:

dark haired woman in white lace lingerie on satin sheets

black and white boudoir photo of woman in white lace lingerie

photo of woman from behind straddling a chair showing derriere

woman in white lace lingerie on antique red sofa

When it comes to nudity in boudoir photography, I think just a peak can often be the sexier way to go.  A curtain is meant to hide things from view, we just used it from the other side this time!

naked woman draped in a sheer curtain

Here we were going for more of a girl next door look with Rachel wearing his shirt (see the color in her hair?):

woman in man's shirt pulled off one shoulder

smiling woman in man's shirt lying on bed

And finally some more classic boudoir looks.  It’s hard to go wrong with stockings and pearls for a glamorous feel:

classic boudoir pose with head back and stockings on

close up photograph of woman's stomach and top of stockings with garters


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