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Milk Bath Boudoir is Here!

Introducing Milk Bath Boudoir Photography!  No, I didn’t invent it, but I’m sure excited to be doing it!  So what is milk bath boudoir?  The concept is using water that’s opaque from the milk with flowers floating on it as a canvas for the photos.  The opaque water gives the images an ethereal, romantic look and provides an entirely new dimension for posing.  I was introduced to the idea by Ashley, one of my hair and makeup artists from Head Turners Salon.  She showed me some images on Pinterest and said it was something she wanted to do.  So on Monday I texted her and said “want to play?” and here are the results!

Milk bath boudoir with black lace teddy

I love the color scheme we chose for this first series!  I also love the way the lace of Ashley’s teddy looks with the water.  When planning what to wear for this kind of shoot, you need to take into account what the outfit will look like when it’s wet.  Will the material float or stick to you?  Will your lingerie become see-through?  There’s a whole new element to take into consideration when planning this kind of boudoir shoot:

Milk Bath boudoir with black lace and flowers

Milk Bath Boudoir with black lace and gardenias

And this is a great example of the cool things you can do with the opaque water:

Face in milk bath boudoir surrounded by flowers

Here we were going for a softer, more romantic look:

romantic milk bath boudoir with flowers

Milk bath boudoir session with gardenias and flower lace bra

Milk bath boudoir photograph with gardenias floating on the water

And finally something a bit edgier and more contrasty with the black and red roses:

milk bath boudoir with red rose petals and sheer black top

If you’re intrigued and want to give it a try, give me a call today!


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