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Hello, Rogersville!

As some of you know, my husband and I moved from Raleigh to Rogersville, TN earlier this year, which means my boudoir studio is now in Rogersville as well. For those not familiar with Rogersville, it’s a little town (population 4,000!) in Eastern Tennessee. The town itself is actually very old by American standards and has tons of history, including being founded by Davy Crocket’s grandparents. David and I are looking forward to exploring the area more now that the house is completed!

At first glance, Rogersville might seem like an unlikely location for a boudoir studio. It’s a tiny town seemingly in the middle of nowhere. But au contraire! I say we’re not in the middle of nowhere, we’re in the heart of everything! We’re actually very centrally located to all of Eastern Tennessee. For instance, we’re just 35 minutes from Morristown, a hour from Kingsport and Greeneville, a hour and 15 minutes from Johnson City and Knoxville, and 1.5 hours from the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg. The area itself is beautiful and the drive to get here is along sleepy country roads. And did I mention private? And beautiful?

The view from our front porch!

Just like Raleigh, the most import thing for my shooting space here in Rogersville was beautiful natural light. For instance, decor, props, furniture, all are secondary to the foundation of all good boudoir photography: light. And boy do I have it as you can see in these highlights from my first shoot in the space with the gorgeous Ms. L:

Secondly, having the ability to shoot outdoors was very important to me. That was getting harder and harder to do in Raleigh as the area became developed around us. Here in Rogersville we have plenty of space and privacy:

We also have our own woods that’s totally private. I knew the first time I saw this gorgeous sycamore tree that it was going to become my favorite outdoor location:

Private enough for getting back to nature!

So, if you’re here in Rogersville and have been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot, I’m just up the street. And for those of you a little farther away, I promise you it’s worth the drive! Book your session today!